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Having now reached adulthood, the children of the 1990s need to take stock of their lives. Where, for example, did they form their most cherished and long-held memories? At school, maybe? On the playground? Around the dinner table with their families? Ha. If their lives were at all typical, they probably spent most of the decade parked in front of the television, passively absorbing hour after hour of ABC’s TGIF lineup. Full House, Dinosaurs, Family Matters, these were the things that truly counted in life. Fresh air, exercise, and meaningful social interaction would have to wait. Back then, kids spent more quality (and quantity) time with Urkel than they did with any of their real-life friends or siblings. Luckily, a group of self-described “two-bit writers and comedians” understand all this, and they’ve created All Your Shows, a fiendish Instagram account that takes those precious TV-based memories, thoroughly deconstructs them, and builds strange and terrible new things from the spare parts.

Most posts at All Your Shows are written in the form of TV Guide-style plot summaries, but these imaginary episodes all come from a surreal alternate universe where, for instance, Coach and Perfect Strangers were melded into one show, and that show had a character called The Time Child on it. This never really happened, but maybe it should have. Both shows could have benefited.


And that’s just the beginning of the diabolical mind-fudgery to be found at All Your Shows. Here, NBC’s Frasier traveled down some dark paths indeed. The erudite Dr. Crane undoubtedly heard the blues a-callin’ on many occasions like the one described below.

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