Screenshot: YouTube

The commercials for Slip ’N Slide once promised nothing short of paradise: an impromptu water park whenever you, a bored child, desired it. It was the healing salve for hot summer days, serving simultaneously as a daylong activity, a way to cool down, and a means to grievously injure your shithead cousin Todd. Check out this old commercial from 1988 and know what joy once meant:

The reality, of course, was less phantasmagorical, a few seconds of sliding followed by complaints from your dad for ruining his lawn.


In celebration of Australia Day, a team of brave civilians has set about correcting this long-deflated dream by creating an infinite slide across glistening wet plastic. It is the dream of the ’90s, writ in lightning, and probably fueled by a shitload of alcohol. It also has a very pleasant soundtrack.

Last year, the same team created a 330-foot long Slip ’N Slide, which seemed fun but only mildly life-threatening. That has been corrected by the new spiraling death machine, which had two faster settings than the one in the video above, but they were deemed too aggressive for human use. There’s always next year.


[via Gizmodo]