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This improvised Rick And Morty scene is pretty gross

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The long wait for season three of Rick And Morty continues, with many fans left to turn to reruns and phone games for cold solace during this trying time. However, thanks to one intrepid fan and animator, viewers can now view a special scene from the show’s universe. Kind of.


At a convention panel for the show, Justin Roiland, Sarah Chalke, and Chris Parnell reprised their Rick And Morty roles for an improvised breakfast scene with the Smith family. As Spencer Grammer wasn’t there to play Summer, Dan Harmon takes her place. It’s a short, simple moment that revolves around the need for an easier way to make interesting breakfasts for the family. This being Rick And Morty, things go awry and bodily fluids are involved. The animation isn’t very complex but is a nice ode to the series’ look, and was completed by YouTube user Moleman using the audio from the panel.

The series already pushes the envelope, so without any regard to the censors in this improvised scene, please note that some of the language and content is certainly not safe for work.

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