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This Human Centipede-inspired glass pipe just sucks

A possible portrait of the artist

According to Dangerous Minds, some industrious DIYer took it upon themselves to create a glass pipe in the shape of The Human Centipede’s titular abomination, which means we can add “weed paraphernalia” to the list of questionable tie-ins to the movie. The item—which gives a whole new meaning to the term “crack pipe”—was originally posted in the Squarespace marketplace. Here’s the pipe, in all its rectal glory:


The artist—who has singlehandedly stripped glassblowing of its artistry—has already pulled the listing. The person or persons known only as “obviouswinner” missed out on such obvious Human Centipede-related brand names as “And You Will Known Us By The Trail Of Rear Ends,” and “(gl)Assblower. We may never really know who the culprit—er, craftsperson—was, so there could be a counselor teaching our kids to make something worse than a crappy ashtray at summer camp right now.


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