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This Homer Simpson trap remix would definitely not fit in at Hullabalooza

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after a couple decades killing time on the information superhighway, it’s that no Simpsons bit is too old to revive for a piece of viral content. In keeping with this corollary, Australian group Bombs Away recently sampled a classic Homer bit from 1994’s “Treehouse Of Horror V” and molded it into a trap banger fit for kids born long after that episode first aired.

The surprisingly catchy remix mines Homer’s Shining-inspired descent into madness, taking his “no TV and no beer make Homer something, something” meltdown and stretching it like taffy over an EDM beat. With pitch-shifted yelps and dialogue, it’s absurd—but it’s still not as absurd as the trap rave remix of Iggy Azalea’s gibberish rap.

[via Laughing Squid]


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