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This Homemade Daft Punk helmet is harder, better, faster, stronger than the real ones

(Photo: Getty Images, Jason Merritt)

Daft Punk’s whole robot aesthetic is one of the coolest things ever, partly because of the fun suspension of disbelief it requires (they’re not actually robots, right?) and partly because of the actual techno music skill you’d need to have in order to justify dressing so crazy. Surprisingly, though, a Daft Punk fan working with LoveProps has somehow managed to beat the band at its own robot game with this ridiculous DIY Daft Punk helmet:

Modeled after the helmet worn by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (the cooler helmet of the two, if we’re being honest), the LoveProps creation not only puts on a sweet light show, it even makes and reacts to music all on its own. According to the LoveProps website, making the helmet took “more than one year of daily work,” including designing it, physically building it, and programming all of those crazy lights.


You can see a bunch of photos in the embedded imgur gallery below and read about all of the work that went into making the helmet at this link.

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