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This guy will only stop eating photos of Jason Segel when Jason Segel eats a photo of him

Some might say actor, writer, and Freaks And Geeks alum Jason Segel is so adorable you could eat him. Well, one enterprising Twitter user is taking such a claim quite literally. On his YouTube channel, the well-titled Dog Shit, a young man named Noah Maloney is eating a photo of Jason Segel every day. He’ll stop on one condition, which I’ll let him explain below:


He’s even provided a photo of himself for Segel, should he decide to partake.

Maloney’s been doing this for nearly a week now, showing no signs of slowing down. The videos themselves are fairly simple, with Maloney chowing down only to pause now and then for a sip of water. One curiosity is in his day four video, when he eats while he appears to be getting a Jason Segel tattoo.

In an interview with Munchies, Maloney says the whole thing began as a goof among friends. Now that the world is watching, however, he must follow through on that promise. When asked if he’s worried about his health at all, he replied by saying, “We have subsidized healthcare in Canada. My well-being is irrelevant to the situation.”

You might be asking: Why Jason Segel? “He’s a good actor,” Maloney says. “I liked The Muppets. I cannot stress enough that this is not fueled by anything.”

Maloney says he’ll eat the photo for “as many [days] as I need to,” which could prove troublesome considering Segel doesn’t seem to be the most active Twitter user. His last post was on January 18, and it was simply a trailer for the Netflix original series The Discovery. Something tells us this guy doesn’t read his Twitter mentions.

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