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This guy made Portal for an Apple II, complete with a remade “Still Alive”

Credit: Vince Weaver

If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular video game from 2007 would look like on an operating system that was released 40 years ago, congratulations, you have very specific and weird desires. Also, you can stop wondering now because it’s a reality.

With a little help from his “time machine,” retro tech wizard Vince Weaver, a.k.a. “deater78,” has returned with a copy of Portal designed to be played on the Apple II. Although this version of the game only features the first and last levels, as well as the end credits (complete with an Apple II version of Jonathan Coulton’s “Still Alive”), it uses the same familiar mechanics and manages to capture the essence of the original game, albeit in chunky pixels and chiptunes.

Last year, Weaver gave the same Apple II treatment to the popular space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program, which, along with Portal, is available for download on his website. Although his taste in video games is admittedly a little behind the times, one can only assume Weaver’s next big project will be a text adventure version of GTA V, simply because he can.


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