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This guy can't stop cranking out hot Simpsons remixes

Some would say the internet is not in dire need of new Simpsons content. From the plethora of dank memes to the endless cavalcade of steamed hams, nearly every great Simpsons moment has been chopped and screwed for someone’s entertainment. Plus, the damn show is still on the air. We’ve got enough Simpsons to last us a good long while. But some people just can’t help themselves, especially when their beats are so hot.

YouTuber Dankmus has been churning out catchy Simpsons remixes at a seemingly unsustainable rate for the past year and a half. Beginning with his own take on the “Steamed Hams” meme, Dankmus has since moved on to musical re-workings of the Mr. Sparkle commercial, the famous Monorail pitch, and Mr. Burns’ confrontation with his typewriter-wielding monkeys. Though the source material for each song may be different, they all have one thing in common: They’re all fucking bangers.

“I’m $20K in debt to two music degrees and yet I waste it making musical memes,” Dankmus wrote in a recent Reddit post. While we wouldn’t wish that amount of a student loan debt on anyone, we’re tempted to say that Dankmus’ schooling is paying off like gangbusters. These tracks aren’t the trippy, chilled-out “Simpsonswave” stuff we’ve seen so much of before. They’re legit toe-tappers, drenched in heavy, dreamy synths. As of right now, there are approximately one hundred videos of Dankmus’ channel, and we will listen to them all.


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