So you spent a couple days making a stop-motion Lego version of a popular new movie trailer in the hopes it might make the front page on Reddit? Yeah, no, that’s cool and all, but this Romanian kid made an actual working car entirely out of Lego. A video from Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, described as a “20-year-old self-taught technology genius from Romania who Steve met on the internet,” reveals an actual two-seat roadster made entirely out of Lego (except for the tires).

The video, from December 2013 but newly making the rounds online, provides a few behind-the-scenes glimpses at the car, whose Lego engine runs on compressed air, before showing Oaida take the wheel for a test run. The car has a top speed of 20 kilometers an hour and features more than half a million individual pieces of Lego.