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This Goosebumps and American Horror Story mash-up is scarier than it should be


We still don’t know what the theme for season six of American Horror Story will be, but FX could do a lot worse than this great Goosebumps homage made by YouTuber Josh Houchin. It takes footage from the Goosebumps anthology TV series from back in the ‘90s and runs it through an American Horror Story filter, giving it that show’s spooky theme song and quick flashes of weird, seemingly nonsensical imagery—except it’s all stuff from Goosebumps. Unsurprisingly, this all ends up making the Goosebumps stuff seem a little bit scarier than it used to be, which makes us wish that the Jack Black movie had gone for full-on horror instead of being the kid-friendly thriller it turned out to be.

Here’s the American Horror Story intro for season two:

Here’s the vanilla Goosebumps opening:

And apparently this is what you get when you combine them together:

Now we want to see the Goosebumps version of the American Horror Story intro, with Ryan Murphy looking on as spooky documents fly out of his briefcase.


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