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This Game Of Thrones fan theory is remarkably silly

(Screenshot: Game Of Thrones)

There seems to be bottomless pool of speculation summoned into existence by George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire fantasy novel series and the acclaimed HBO show it inspired. There are as many unfalsifiable claims about the story’s innumerable characters as there are stars dotting the nighttime firmament over the Dothraki Sea. It is known. Fan theories range in quality from near certainty to genuinely intriguing to charmingly absurd to get-the-hell-out-of-here bullshit. The invention and propagation of these unlikely premises have become a cottage industry online. Literally. People are making some decent scratch by getting easily impressionable fans to buy into their ideas and spread them around the internet.

Preston Jacobs, for example, is pulling in a cool grand every month just through his Patreon page. And his excogitation-fueled YouTube channel draws hundreds of thousands of eyeballs every week. His video collection is an impressively deep and Byzantine rabbit warren in which a certain kind of Game Of Thrones fan can get hopelessly lost. Some of it is undeniably fun, if useless, like this theory about the story taking place in the post-apocalyptic detritus of Earth as we know it:

Others, though, are best described as rantings. For example, this theory about how Robin Arryn—warden of the east, lord of the Eyrie, defender of the Vale, annoying little snot-nosed mama’s boy—is the secret hero of Game Of Thrones:

Beware, Game Of Thrones fans. For the internet is weird and full of silliness.

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