Now that it’s confirmed Full House is returning to our homes via Netflix, the internet can set itself the task of devoting all its energies and resources to coming up with a full-time supply of new Danny Tanner memes, Kimmy deep cuts, and times that Stephanie exclaimed, “How rude!” In fact, Dave Coulier can remind you about all of those things, right this moment, if you’ll simply direct your attention to the video below. It’s a rap song Coulier recorded and posted on YouTube—with accompanying animation by Rachel Peters—unsurprisingly titled “Cut It Out: A Tribute To Full House.”

Coulier actually uploaded the video two years ago, but to date, it has garnered barely 7,000 views. That seems likely to change, now that the world has been set aflame by the news that all your favorite uncles and kids and neighbors’ kids are back. People seem especially eager for the return of the show’s signature corny jokes, painful even in Full House’s first season (which was 1987, for those of you born too late and/or trying not to feel old). This video, on the other hand, goes through the looking glass of terribleness and comes out the other side, transcendent in its deranged glory. The only thing Coulier forgets to do is start one of his couplets with the classic white-guy go-to: “My name’s Dave Coulier, and I’m here to say…”

[Via Uproxx]