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This full album of the Beastie Boys rapping over Daft Punk beats is insanely hot

Screenshot: YouTube

There is a very finite amount of Beastie Boys music on the planet, given that the boys from Brooklyn announced that 2011’s Hot Sauce Committee Part Two would be their final release following Adam Yauch’s death. And there is an incredibly finite amount of Daft Punk music on the planet, given that the Parisian duo are notorious perfectionists, taking up to eight years between albums.

Daft Science, an eight-track effort by the Toronto producer Coins, does not provide new music by either group, but its smart, deeply layered juxtapositions of Beasties vocals and Daft Punk tracks manages to make both sound new again. This is no cut-and-paste mashup job; the Daft Punk samples are drastically reworked and cut to emphasize the mic-tossing exuberance of these Beastie Boys verses. The thrill doesn’t come from the unlikeliness of the pair, but instead from how organic it all feels—it’s a little surprising the two groups never formally teamed up.


Well, now they have, sort of. Coins originally produced the record two years ago, but it’s making the rounds now, thanks in part to a post on Daft Punk’s Reddit page. Better late than never, though, as it is absolutely white-hot shit.

[via Metafilter]

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