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This five-minute sneak peek at Syfy's Nightflyers is a slasher movie from the depths of space

Syfy’s been showing off clips of its new science fiction horror series Nightflyers for a while now, often with accompanying bits of author George R.R. Martin explaining how dang spooky the haunted spaceship he dreamt up is. Now, the network (along with Rotten Tomatoes) has given us a slightly more detailed look at Martin’s world of ominous space ghosts, in the form of a sneak peek at the show’s first five minutes.

As revealed by the clip above, the opening minutes of the series are less The Haunting than Halloween; this is a slasher flick with a few slight twists as Dr. Agatha Matheson (Gretchen Mol) flees from the zero-gee axe-wielding madness of crewmate Rowan (Angus Sampson). We’ll presumably have to wait until the series premieres next month to have even the faintest idea of what this is all about—or who taught Mol to use a bonesaw, because her technique leaves something to be desired, OSHA-wise—but it’s a bloodily moody little start for cable’s latest stab at prestige horror.

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