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This Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer is some WEAPON-grade nostalgia bait

Square Enix has been threatening the planet with a remake of groundbreaking PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy VII for years now, a prospect goosed along periodically by a new image, or side project, or even a new teaser every few years. Now, some real footage from the long-looming Final Fantasy VII Remake has finally arrived on the internet—courtesy of the Tokyo Game Show—and it sure is some damn shiny nostalgia fuel.

The trailer covers big chunks of the iconic first portion of the original game, as blond stoicism factory Cloud Strife and his cheerful ecoterrorist teammates fend off against the forces of the malevolent, planet-destroying Shinra Corporation. Fan favorites like the corporate mercenary Turks and plucky teammate Jessie are all on display, alongside high-def renders of iconic, beloved Baby’s First Video Game Girlfriends like Tifa and Aerith.

What the trailer doesn’t really answer, though, is the question of who the hell this game is actually for, beyond people with serious, potentially crippling nostalgia addictions for video games that were perfectly fine, for their time. Much like the glossy 2005 sequel movie Advent Children, the interplay between the incredibly lush designs, and the incredibly cookie-cutter dialogue, make it clear how little there is to these characters beyond some very simple archetypes (plus 20 years of built-up affection). Square (now Square Enix)‘s visual chops have improved to an almost ludicrous degree in the intervening years, but on first glance—and listen—it doesn’t seem like the company’s storytelling talents have been able to keep up.


But hey, maybe we’re just feeling old and cynical. In any case, we’ll know more when the actual game arrives next March.

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