What the internet demands, more often than not, the internet gets. So when a Reddit denizen named RickRoy37 requested a version of Pixar’s Inside Out with just the “outside” scenes, minus the colorful anthropomorphic emotions, another Reddit user, Jordan Hanzon (screen name: Cadweasel), was only too happy to comply. The result is Inside Out: Outside Edition,” a 15-minute film that focuses all of its attention on Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias), a young girl who has considerable difficulty adjusting to a new home and a new school when her family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. Joy, Sadness, and the other crayon-colored characters from the feature-length Inside Out are all absent here. The cast is largely limited to three main characters: Riley and her concerned parents (Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan).

Hanzon’s video raises an interesting question: What becomes of a movie when its main selling point/reason for existing is removed? Minus its central conceit, does Inside Out have anything to offer? The answer, happily, is yes. While the removal of the “inside” scenes causes a few odd hiccups in the dialogue and leads to some jarringly unmotivated musical cues, “Inside Out: Outside Edition” tells a clear, comprehensible, and satisfying story about a family in transition. Interestingly, this version of the film primarily plays as a straight drama, with very little humor to ease the tension.


[via BuzzFeed]