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Image: Stephen Byrne

It’s been 11 years since Serenity, the film continuation of the Firefly TV show, and still fans remain optimistic that the series will return in some form or another. Joss Whedon’s tale that merged the western outlaw with the vacuum of space struck a chord with people who still want to see more of their favorite characters. And now, thanks to animator and illustrator Stephen Byrne, fans can glimpse an alternate world where the series restarts in animated form.

Byrne has created a teaser for a cartoon version of the Firefly series, seemingly picking up where Serenity left off, including shots of everyone’s favorite browncoats in action. The artist has previously done this for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who as well, creating alternate worlds where beloved series live on in animation.

Byrne is able to capture the spirit of each character with his impressive animation style. The clip offers glimpses of further adventures of the crew as each are in their element, whether mourning the loss of a spouse or dispensing violence with a gatling gun. It may be short but, given the amount of work it necessitated, it’s still an impressive piece that allows fans to formulate their own theories about what a continuation of the Firefly story would look like.


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