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This fake trailer for the film You Got Retweeted is worth sharing on your LinkedIn page

Here at The A.V. Club, we understand the Internet. Like, just the other day, I plugged in my computer on purpose. We "get" it. Which is exactly why this video—a fake trailer for a movie called You Got Retweeted—simply must be posted in the "Great Job, Internet!" section of our Internet website: Alison Brie + meta commentary on the Internet itself = more views than Bo Burnham. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the video was written by Kimmy Gatewood, a very talented comedian who is a member of The Apple Sisters. (She plays Brie's friend.) Enjoy its refreshing take on modern romance, which is a sentence that dooms this film to actually be released some day, only probably much less self-aware and starring Suri Cruise as Siri:


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