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This fake-ish feud between Manson and Bundy stans is exhausting

Photo: Charles Manson (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images); Ted Bundy (Bettmann/Getty Images

What is it about serial killers that inspires such fascination within the American psyche? Perhaps it’s the feelings of voyeurism inspired by learning their crimes’ lurid details, the case file mysteries that never fully close and questions that never get answered, or even our country’s obsession with violence and the general allure of the macabre...well, actually, that’s all probably at least part of it.

Still, most fans of true crime know where to draw the line when it comes to their interest in murderers which is, y’know, a pretty obvious line. We say most, because Twitter exists, and it’s here to ruin everything for us, including our (admittedly dark) love of the worst aspects of human nature.


Last week, Rolling Stone ran a piece delving into the strange Twitter war brewing between Charles Manson and Ted Bundy superfans“stans” as the kids saywhich all started from some relatively innocuous trolling about our tendency to take fandom a bit too far, especially for problematic public figures.

“Charles manson walked so that ted bundy could run bitch sit down,” one account tweeted with a link to a now-deleted video of Charles Manson footage set to Nicki Minaj’s “Roman Holiday.”

This prompted a few others to get in on the joke, which then unfortunately went viral, apparently catching the attention of actual Manson and Bundy superfans, and, well, the results are pretty much what you expect.


The article does a good job of laying out the whole weird story while apparently needing to reiterate that, no, these soulless manipulative monsters do not deserve any kind of real fan following or popularity contest. The Manson-Bundy stan saga is honestly exhausting, but after a summer of Tarantino spins and Netflix binging, it’s not exactly the most surprising of turns recently taken on Twitter.


How long until the Venom stans chime in?

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