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Lodge 49
Photo: James Minchin III (AMC)

Amid all the hustling and surfing, summer cable dramas like Claws and Animal Kingdom place an emphasis on family, which can be your saving grace or your undoing. Joining their ranks is Lodge 49, a new series from Jim Gavin and producer Paul Giamatti. It’s not quite as serious or laced with profanity (among other things), but the new drama does explore chosen families and what it means to be at home. In this exclusive trailer, we see Sean “Dud” Dudley (Wyatt Russell) join the fraternal order of the Lynx in an attempt to bond with someone after the death of his father.

As an ex-surfer, Dud is ready to bro it up with the older Lynx members, but it looks like they’ll run into some criminal complications. Brent Jennings stars as the “knight” to Dud’s “squire,” while Veep’s David Pasquesi plays a New Age shopkeep. We get a Hap & Leonard vibe from this clip, but we’ll know more when Lodge 49 premieres August 6 on AMC.


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