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This Disney nut made a Haunted Mansion-themed dress with actual moving ghosts and doom buggies

Screenshot: YouTube

Each year, D23, the official Disney fan club—that, uh, is also owned by Disney—organizes an event for its members to come out and celebrate all things House of Mouse. The D23 Expo has become somewhat of the pop culture equivalent of the San Diego Comic-Con, and each year Disney fans get their own opportunity to create a spectacle via the annual costume contest, Mousequerade.

The costumes are always impressive, but this year’s Best In Show winner is a legit work of art. The winner, Tina Elliott, made an entire Haunted Mansion-themed dress with actual moving ghosts and doom buggies spread across three separate floors.


According to Elliott’s Instagram captions and photos, the costume is equipped with 65 3D papercraft doom buggies, a bicycle chain, hand-painted hitch-hiking ghosts, miniature figurines and light fixtures, and some tiny motors. From the dusty tiny dinnerware to the stack of tiny hat boxes, the amount of detail put into this costume is incredible. She even got Madam Leota to show up.


Elliott has also been uploading some videos to show off the costume’s mechanical guts, giving us a look into the dress’ slow-moving car track.


As if that weren’t all cool enough, she also dressed up as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a few years back.


Disney fans are a rare breed.

[Via Boing Boing]


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