Screenshot: Disc Jock-e/YouTube

In our not-so-distant future, everything will have a Bluetooth speaker inside of it. In the meantime, however, we will continue to marvel as products that were once silent now play Pitbull songs. The latest is the Disc Jock-e, a frisbee that doubles as a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, making it ideal for use at the beach or, um, a patch of dewy grass. But the frisbee’s not what matters here. No, it’s the commercial being used to sell it.

It’s a simple premise: A gang of attractive, fun-loving teens demonstrate how the frisbee can play royalty-free stock music as they boogie by the pool and/or sea. Their enjoyment of the music—best described as Beach Blanket Bingo via a local improv troupe—is eclipsed only by their bug-eyed amazement at the technology.


It can only be assumed that the commercial is a period piece. Let’s say 1993, an era in which friendship was innocent, playing air guitar was a relatively fresh concept, and joyful surprise hadn’t yet curdled into suspicious indignation.

[via The Verge]