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Two things are fast upon the world—the holiday season and the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As both prepare to overtake the world’s consciousness, the holidays have begun to infiltrate commercials, websites, and entire TV networks while the Star Wars epidemic reaches a fever pitch with celebrities and Facebook profile changes. But why separate the yuletide spirit from the growing excitement of the return of a beloved intellectual property? One YouTube user has found a way to combine them both for everyone’s Star Wars/holiday needs (and no, it has nothing to do with the wretched TV special).

Benjamin Apple has created a yule-log video for Star Wars enthusiasts to enjoy throughout their holiday season by creating a five-hour-long video of Darth Vader’s corpse roasting on a funeral pyre. Now enthusiasts can simply cue up the video and enjoy 300 minutes of a villain’s permanently burning cadaver while sipping on their cocoa and debating the merits of the prequels with beloved friends and family. Nothing brings people together like a funeral or the holidays, and this video is the best of both worlds.

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