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This chatty, impossibly cute baby could teach us all a thing or two about conversation

Photo: FatCamera (Getty Images)

Babies are smelly and loud, but, yes, are they cute. We acknowledge this. However, their language of goos and gas undoubtedly make for some stale conversation. This baby, though? This baby can put any other talker to shame.


In the above video, an adorable nugget offers some full-blown commentary to his dad that, based on his conviction, was super insightful. Despite being incomprehensible, there’s clearly an intent to his monologue and his companion, Deztin Pryor, does his part by helping the buddy understand the complex narrative onscreen. They’re apparently watching a Tide commercial, but the discussion around “grand finales” has us wondering if it’s actually Game of Thrones.

The video was originally posted on Facebook by the baby’s mom, Shanieke Pryor, who captioned it with, “Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad🤣🤣.” She capped it off with a few hashtags, #TheseTwoAreAMess and #MrPersonality, which we’d wager is a perfect nickname for this baby.

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