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This chatty farmer's "morning rush hour" of ducks, roosters, and kittens is a blessing from heaven

Photo: Scott Barbour (Getty Images)

Social media, as everyone knows, is largely garbage. For every good video or Tweet, there are hundreds more that encourage only sadness, anger, and a resigned disgust for the modern world. This makes it all the more important to count our internet blessings where we can and, in the case of an English farm’s social media accounts, celebrate those who contribute undeniably good things to the amorphous blob of dread and fear that is our hyper-connected culture.


Brought to our attention by writer Rachel Thompson, the Caenhill Countryside Centre (Caenhill CC) TikTok and Twitter accounts are places where only wholesome joy is broadcast for the world to see. In the video above, for example, a farmer narrates his morning routine of letting a bunch of ducks, geese, chickens, and a single kitten out from the barn, filming as his pals waddle out into the rising sun. Each animal is wished a good morning by name, which introduces viewers to Gilbert, Sully, Smudge, Ken The Rooster, Owen, and, of course, a trio of ducks called Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

“Where’s Cuthbert?” he asks at one point before a particular goose ambles into sight and he greets it with a cooed, “Hello, Cuthbert.”

This is far from the only excellent barnyard video posted by Caenhill CC. The Wiltshire, England farm, which is run as an educational center for young people, regularly posts further “morning rush hour” videos on its Twitter account alongside other extremely wholesome videos of animals doing nice animal stuff.

There are kids feeding sheep...


...and a woman singing to some goats.


The best, though, is the unflappably cheery man who seems to narrate every video doing a gruff “Mr Duck” voice as he provides advice for how to cope with summer heat waves.


While Sam Neill has proven the cultural good that comes from posting heartwarming farm videos on social media, Caenhill CC has cemented the practice. Through their work, the internet is a slightly better place—one where the horrors of climate change can be temporarily salved by watching Mr Duck splash water on his head and every morning begins by saying hello to geese named Cuthbert.

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