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This Cats/Us trailer mash-up is hideously purrfect

Screenshot: YouTube

Never let it be said that the internet is not prepared to do its duty when the clarion call comes, because that abomination of a Cats trailer has only been out for a couple of hours, and already the mash-ups have begun. And while Jennifer Hudson’s take on “Memories” is probably the least objectionable element of the teaser for Tom Hooper’s extremely perplexing attempt to inception the entire planet into furry fandom in a single afternoon, it’s also the easiest part to strip out to heighten the promo’s already horrific effect.


But while the above attempts to set Bumtumgrumbler and Hoophraw McWhiskerpaw’s antics to the soundtracks from such masterpieces of the unsettling as Annihilation and Under The Skin are all well and awful, there’s already been an undisputed winner in this race to the bottom: Comedian Ian Abramson (who, we should note, we’ve worked with in the past), who did God’s (or whoever’s) work by setting the trailer to the special remix of “I Got 5 On It” from the trailer for Jordan Peele’s Us. It is, if you’ll excuse the pun, purrfect. Also, horrifying.

And while we’re girding our various loins for the oncoming deluge of Cats memes that will presumably fill every open hole of the internet for the next five months while we wait for the movie and its completely bonkers sense of scale—why does the furniture not match up to the giant forks and knives, please?—to arrive, here’s a little bonus in, the form of the first one to really break through our defenses:


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