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This Captain Marvel extended scene allows Carol Danvers to detoxify some masculinity

Screenshot: Captain Marvel

Catcalling is a problem, one that, unfortunately, women can’t do much about. You can flip them off, tell them to fuck themselves, or shove it where the sun don’t shine—a gamble in these times—or simply choose to ignore it, which is another gamble in itself. Either way, your morning, afternoon, or day will be ruined, and you’ll probably feel powerless and grimy afterwards. As such, there’s something cathartic about seeing Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers is such a situation, as these worries don’t apply to her. As seen in this extended scene from Captain Marvel, she’s certainly more powerful than this guy who thinks it’s okay to walk up to her as she’s minding her own goddamn business, preaching that she should smile.


Again, most women are more than familiar with the ole “smile” command—it’s apparently more attractive or something?—but this dude, The Don (fitting), takes it a step further, pushing her map down to make sure she interacts with him. “I’m offering to help you, the least you can is smile,” he says despite not offering her any kind of service, the likes of which she didn’t ask for in the first place anyway.

Vers of course shuts him down with an effortless handshake-turned-shocking grip, handling the heckler in a manner suited to all harassers. It doubles, however, as a more satisfying explanation of how Vers got her new outfit. In the actual film, it’s insinuated she took it all from the mannequin at a nearby store, but it turns out she added a little pop to it all with The Don’s jacket. An intergalactic warrior hero and trendsetter? Carol Danvers does it all.

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