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This Bud Light ad is basically a new Game Of Thrones episode

HBO didn’t drop a real Game Of Thrones trailer during tonight’s Super Bowl, but Bud Light did air a commercial that we’re going to very generously consider a canonical Game Of Thrones episode. It’s only a minute long, which is far shorter than the average Game Of Thrones adventure, but it does feature everyone’s favorite silent Frankenstein monster, The Mountain, doing that head crushing thing he did to Pedro Pascal all those years ago—even if it was all off-screen in this version. Then, one of the dragons showed up and burned the shit out of Bud Light’s wacky medieval court. We’re not sure if the Bud Light King is working with the Lannisters or Daenerys, but now that his blue Bud Light Knight has been killed, he won’t have much of an army anymore either way.


Following this surprise premiere, the final season of Game Of Thrones will continue on April 14. Hopefully we’ll get some more information on how Bud Light plays into the saga before then.

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