(Screengrab: 5 News/YouTube)

Bustin’ out puns must make Sian Welby feel good, because the Channel 5 News presenter often fills her forecasts with wordplay, be it Star Wars- or DC Comics-related. Welby recently scared up Egon more puns for a weather report ahead of the premiere of the new Ghostbusters movie, which is already being haunted by its detractors.

Zuul’ll be pleased to know that Selby’s punny predictions are light on childhood ruination. But in the mist of Feig-uring out weather to Murray about her Wiig, Welby also crosses the streams of the old and new casts, providing a Hemsworth of name checks. (Hail, she’s got to do something to brighten up these persistently overcast forecasts.)


[via Uproxx]