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This breakneck supercut breaks down the many mysteries of Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Despite still being pretty good, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story upset a good chunk of fans by presenting a final product that didn’t really sync with what was in the trailers. Sure, footage is always getting cut as a film’s opening approaches, but why would it remain in the marketing? This new supercut from the website Looper helps explains not only the whys of that situation but also of several other behind-the-scenes curiosities.

In just six minutes, the video reveals the truth behind the film’s origins (a visual effects supervisor came up with the idea), its lack of an opening crawl (it would be redundant), and just how exactly it matched the dusty visual tone of A New Hope (thank Quentin Tarantino). Watch the whole thing below.

There’s also an extended section on K-2SO actor Alan Tudyk’s work on the film, which included a human cameo that was unfortunately cut. But it’s not really the cameo that’s interesting; rather, it’s that Tudyk was playing Wray Nerely, the character he also plays on his webseries, Con Man. Once you consider that Nerely is, in the world of Con Man, a sci-fi actor known for getting cut from things, your brain just might fold in on itself.


That the supercut still packs in several more Rogue One morsels is a testament to its narrator, who speaks with such speed and clarity that the Micro Machines guy better watch his back.

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