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This Black List script about Barron Trump hating his dad sounds great, relatable

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Every year since 2005, the Black List has released the results of its annual film executive survey, reminding producers of some of the most promising, overlooked screenplays still making the rounds in Hollywood. And, every year since 2006, Barron Trump celebrates his birthday, reminding Donald Trump he has a son named Barron. But who could have imagined, even in these crazy times, that those two worlds would collide in what sounds like seriously weird-ass Black List finalist entry about the youngest Trump progeny’s fictional attempts to thwart his dad’s 2016 Presidential campaign?


Written by Nicolas Curcio, a USC School of Cinematic Arts graduate with a handful of short films under his belt, Barron: A Tale of Love, Loss, & Legacy’s synopsis reads about as bonkers and capable of causing widespread Fox News anchor aneurysms as the title implies.

Per Deadline:

Fearing the devastating impact that his father’s presidency would have on his personal life, his country, and the world at large, ten-year-old Barron Trump sets out to sabotage his father’s 2016 campaign.


And...that’s about all we know so far about the script so far, but we’re gonna wager this falls more into Jojo Rabbit territory than it does a solemn alternate history exploration along the lines of The Man in the High Castle. Of course, given how the Conservative Outrage Machine has managed to weaponize any and all references to the now 13-year-old spawn of Trump, we’re already prepping for the nuclear meltdown that could occur if when Curcio’s screenplay finally gets greenlit.

Other, potentially less inane boycott-inducing, Black List finalists include a horror-comedy from The Good Place’s Megan Amram, a techno-thriller based on the Cicada 3301 augmented-reality game, and a drama about the making of Fox’s long-running COPS. But let’s not even pretend the very news of Barron even being considered doesn’t already have MAGA pundits foaming at the mouth.


In any case, it’s best we ready ourselves for Tomi Lahren’s rant decibel readings to reach previously unimaginable heights. What a time to be alive.

Andrew Paul is a contributing writer with work recently featured by NBC Think, GQ, Slate, Rolling Stone, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. He writes the newsletter, (((Echo Chamber))).

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