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Garth Brooks has taken a break from disappointing almost half a million Irishmen to announce that he will, in fact, release a new record. Garth will come out on or around Black Friday—the consumer-friendly day after Thanksgiving—and will be full of what Brooks calls “Garth Music,” which he says definitely includes “cowboy songs.” It will be released independently and exclusively through Brooks’ website, though he’s also partnered with RCA for help with distribution and radio promotion. All of Brooks’ back catalog will also be made available to download via the singer’s website—which is notable, as Brooks has long been one of digital music’s biggest holdouts. The one catch is fans will have to download full albums, not single songs, which has long been Brooks’ biggest issue with iTunes.


Brooks is also due to announce a massive world tour beginning July 14 by sharing the information “personally with a fan who attended one of his Las Vegas full-band performances,” according to Rolling Stone. It will then be up to that fan how he wants to spread the word.

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