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This beer’s gone bad: Yuengling endorses Trump

Eric Trump and Dick Yuengling (Photo: Eric Trump's Twitter)

Fans of Yuengling beer are drunkenly disowning the Pennsylvania brewery after it came out that the Yuengling family is supporting Donald Trump. The news broke earlier this week when the Reading Eagle reported that Trump’s creepy son Eric dropped by the Pottsville, Pennsylvania brewery, prompting the company’s owner, Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr. to tell Trump, “Our guys are behind your father. We need him in there.”


Left-leaning Yuengling-loving fans all over the eastern half of the United States were, understandably, quick to respond, with the brewery’s Trump support drawing responses like these:

@EricTrump I will never drink another goddamn ounce of @Yuengling_Beer as long as I live. Many others I know will do the same.

— TrumpCrafts (@TrumpCrafts) October 24, 2016

So @Yuengling_Beer is supporting Trump, and @Gansettbeer is backing Cthulu. You know who gets my vote.

— Ryan Tomorrow (@ryantomorrow) October 27, 2016

The alt-right reacted in kind, declaring Yuengling its new beer of choice.


The news, Philly Voice notes, shouldn’t really come as a surprise to most people who are familiar with Yuengling’s longstanding anti-union stance. Dick Yuengling’s statements also seem relatively consistent with his tax bracket. In 2016, he ranked 361st on Forbes’ list of the top 400 billionaires, with a net worth of $1.88 billion.

Yuengling is a $550 million enterprise with breweries in Pennsylvania and Florida. The company, which is family-owned, makes 2.8 million barrels of beer annually.


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