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This Battlestar Galactica and Top Gun mashup sends Starbuck into the danger zone

Fact: Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck and Top Gun’s Maverick are almost the same exact person. They’re both hotheads who feel the need… the need for speed. Their differences are contextual. Maverick is learning to live and love at Flight Weapons School; Starbuck is working through her issues as she fights to preserve the last remnants of humanity from the Cylon threat.

Filmmaker Nick Acosta calls upon the might of Kenny Loggins (and other parts of the Top Gun soundtrack) to strip away that context.


Starbuck takes the highway to the danger zone, and we forget all that stuff about finding Earth, Cylon sleeper moles, and Starbuck being the ”harbinger of death.” Instead, we are treated to the simple pleasures of watching Katie Sackhoff shoot up toasters, slam back drinks, make out with pilots, punch out officers, and crush it with outside shots on the Pyramid ball court.

The relationship is then transposed, and Top Gun uses Galactica’s score to invite a more serious consideration. Which is probably why we are deprived of Maverick flying inverted over a Cylon Raider and flipping it the bird. So say we all.

Top Gun Galactica from Nick Acosta on Vimeo.


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