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This bad lip reading of Trump’s inauguration feels scarily accurate

(Screenshot: Bad Lip Reading)

There are two kinds of Bad Lip Reading videos: The ones that merely add absurdity to an otherwise serious occasion, and the ones that seem to reveal some deeper truth about the event. Though this bad lip reading of Donald Trump’s inauguration has plenty of absurdity, it falls squarely in the latter camp. While it may not reveal what was actually being said on Inauguration Day, it flawlessly captures the spirit of the event. That includes, at one point, a befuddled-looking Trump turning straight to the camera and simply intoning, “Help.”

In addition to Trump himself, Melania Trump, the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Clarence Thomas, Mike Pence, and John Roberts also get the lip-reading treatment. While the nonsensical swearing-in ceremony and speeches are funny, the best through-line is the thinly veiled anger that lurks beneath every friendly interaction between Trump and Obama. For instance, while cordially shaking hands at the podium, Trump explains, “Now I pretend I like you, but I hate you inside,” to which Obama responds, “You’re a creep.” The video also has the genius idea to remove the music from the ceremonial first presidential dance, making the whole thing as unpleasant as America feels right now.


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