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This artist makes tiny paper dioramas of Wes Anderson scenes

In an apparent bid to make Wes Anderson throw his hat in the dust and exclaim, “Consarnit!” for not thinking of it first, Barcelona-based illustrator Mar Cerdà has used watercolor and papercraft to render the worlds of Anderson’s films in an even more meticulous, delicate medium. Cerdà previously made painted paper dioramas to depict real-world locations like Minorcan street scenes and the humble birthplace of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși. In a series she first began in 2014, though, Cerdà applied the technique to the cinematic worlds of Wes Anderson, no stranger to quaint miniaturization.

The Anderson-inspired projects include the berth from The Darjeeling Limited, Margot’s bathroom from The Royal Tenenbaums, and the concierge desk from The Grand Budapest Hotel:


Cerdà has additional close-up shots revealing just how fastidious she was with every tiny detail in her online portfolio. She’s also active on Instagram, where, alongside other, non-pop-culture-related examples of her work, she shows off a Zoolander diorama and a current work in progress that looks to eventually be a Star Wars-themed diorama. One can only assume that Anderson is currently jumping up and down on his hat and unleashing a string of Yosemite Sam-style epithets as he realizes he’ll have to scrap his plan of making an all-diorama, stop-motion Star Wars spinoff for fear of being sued by Cerdà.

[via designboom]


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