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This artist is watching and sketching a movie daily for a year

Somebody fed them after midnight

Instagramming illustrator Greg O’Regan is combining his passions for drawing and film with a recent ambitious undertaking. Starting on October 21, O’Regan began watching a movie every day, and then posting a sketch of a prominent character from the film. Fittingly, he kicked off the project on Back To The Future day with a sketch of Emmett “Doc” Brown.


Since then, O’Regan has captured a lost Fantine from Les Misérables, an armless Black Knight nursing his flesh wounds from Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Halloween on Halloween, RoboCop defending the streets of Old Detroit, and a knife-wielding Bill The Butcher of Gangs Of New York. His latest creation is Nic Cage’s overly despondent Cameron Poe from Con Air, stuffed bunny in tow. In addition to being a skilled artist, O’Regan is demonstrating relatively decent taste in movies.

You can find O’Regan’s full film collection to date and peruse older illustrations (including some sweet CG-modeling of Mads Mikkelsen’s head in full Hannibal mode) over at his Instagram page.

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