Screenshot: Joe Stone / Drewbacca

Chewbacca, the hirsute, growling 7’6” Wookiee of the Star Wars saga, has been an integral part of popular culture for nearly 40 years now, and he’s still providing inspiration to his legions of fans around the world. Case in point: Drewbacca, a series of clever, pun-based line drawings by U.K. artist Joe Stone, the man behind the like-minded Drawntroopers project. The premise of Drewbacca is exceedingly simple yet undeniably appealing. In the most literal fashion possible, each drawing visualizes a pun on Chewbacca’s name, specifically the first syllable of that name. What’s Chewbacca with shoes? Shoebacca. What if there are two of him? Twobacca. Is he in a dome-shaped structure made of compacted snow? Igloobacca. Has the famous Wookiee decided to read some of his spare, haunting Japanese poetry at a Kashyyyk open mic night? Haikubacca. And so on and so on. A few further examples will hopefully suffice:

Screenshot: Joe Stone / Drewbacca

This next one amusingly juxtaposes Chewbacca with some Ewoks, who were originally conceived as being Chewie’s relatives before evolving into a separate, highly marketable species of their own.

Those puns on “loo” and “queue” betray the innate British-ness of the project, meanwhile, but the delightful absurdity of seeing Chewbacca dressed as a ballerina (Tutubacca) or knocking back a beer (Brewbacca) should appeal to just about anyone, regardless of nationality. Stone talked about the motivation behind the project with Mashable writer Sam Haysom: “I’m a big fan of wordplay and puns and stupid jokes in general, and obviously I really like Star Wars, so those two things just sort of clicked into place in my mind one day.” And the world was richer for it.


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