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This amazing Zoidberg costume will fill fans with patriotic mucus

At last, Zoidberg is the popular one. How could he not be, after the people over at Tested spent six months crafting a ludicrously detailed cosplay of everyone’s favorite master of both Claw-Plagh and the conservative, sandwich-heavy portfolio?


The costume, which includes foam-latex feet, animatronic tentacles controlled by remote control, and claws designed to provide a satisfyingly Zoidberg-y click, is the work of special effects artist Frank Ippolito (pictured above in the suit). Ippolito produced the costume as part of Tested’s “The Zoidberg Project,” which detailed every step of the suit’s creation in an episodic web series that stretched over months, culminating in this final video of Ippolito walking around as Zoidberg at last month’s WonderCon in Anaheim, California.

And no one could have been happier, unless they also had a link to the rest of the episodes of “The Zoidberg Project.” What? There’s one right here? Hooray!

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