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This amazing interactive map captures every single Doctor Who time-travel adventure

The timeline of Doctor Who has always been wobbly at best, and even the most fanatical Whovian might have trouble keeping track of all the Doctor’s journeys. Thankfully, a new impressive interactive map allows fans a chance to explore the time-travel adventures of all 11 Doctors across more than 200 stories and 99.9 trillion years.

The project was created by BBC Future (the tech and science branch of the BBC). Two creative directors, three designers, an interface specialist, and a four-person development team worked closely with the staff of Doctor Who to complete the map. Duncan Black, one of the creators, explains, “We wanted to be able to capture this aspect of the show that we didn’t think had been captured before—what would the Doctor’s journeys through look like if they could be visualized.”


There are a ton of features built into the infographic—which reportedly took three months to complete. Selecting a Doctor from the top bar provides a color-coded look at his time-traveling trajectory, while clicking on a specific adventure will open a window with more information and often a video clip. The sheer breadth of knowledge contained in the graph will hopefully keep Whovians busy until the 50th Anniversary special premieres on Saturday. [via BBC America]

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