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This alternate ending to Tyrion Lannister's rant is perfect

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For all his wealth, Tyrion Lannister has not had an easy life: blamed for his mother’s death in labor, reviled by his family, mocked the world over for his diminutive stature, and now wrongly accused of his nephew’s murder. It’s understandable that he would have Bruce Banner-esque levels of rage pent up inside (especially now that he can no longer slap Joffrey for cathartic relief).


Last Sunday’s episode of Game Of Thrones saw Tyrion vent his frustration and outrage in a satisfyingly venomous, mic-dropping rant that will surely be replayed at every awards ceremony next season.

But YouTuber xerograde dares to ask the question: What if things went differently? What if Tyrion let go of his anger and spoke with candor about his heart’s desire? The answer is the only thing you need to see today:

And if that isn’t enough fun with the Westeros judicial system (though it really should be), here’s the trial of Tyrion Lannister imagined as a Law & Order episode.

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