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The 2000s weren’t that long ago, right? But this labor of love by YouTuber Jennifer Titus, which consists of an hour-and-a-half of TV commercials from the decade, transports us to what feels like an entirely different era. That is a lot of extreme flavor (like Fruit Loop cereal straws) and wannabe coolness (remember the Dell slacker guy?).

Depending on your formative years, these 88 minutes will constitute a delightful nostalgic romp or an annoying assault on the senses. Some ads are catchier than others, like the drumline-inspired Hillshire Farms chant (“Go meat!”), while others carve out a poignant chapter from our pop-culture history (awww, Blockbuster’s eliminating late fees). Some, though, remain inexplicable, like the Geico cavemen and the widespread popularity of the Budweiser “Whazzup” guys. Check it all out above. 


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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