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This 60-second cat video has the best twist ending of the year

Screenshot: YouTube

We care not that this is probably (okay, definitely) fake. We care not that it is just a cat video. We remain very excited about Knives Out, but it will have to settle for second place in at least one particular category, because the final seconds of this dumb little video contain the best twist of the year.


This writer believes she speaks for all of us when she says, “What the eternal fuck.”

You don’t have to venture very far into the replies to, ah, @Mr_Meowwwgi’s initial tweet to find an explanation of how such a twist may have been manufactured, but who cares? A satisfying twist is a satisfying twist. Put this one in the cat-video-twist hall of fame with the Sail Cat.

If the PR team for Us has any sense at all, they’re already figuring out ways to book this cat for the film’s upcoming awards season blitz. Monkeypaw Productions’ Matthew A. Cherry already joked about the connection, and the internet rose to the occasion within the hour, as the internet so often does. It’s even better than that other cat-related Us video.

Can this cat help Lupita Nyong’o get the Oscar nomination she so richly deserves for her work in that film? Only time will tell.


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