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J Dilla’s life may have been cut short, but his music continues to influence many across all different walks of life. Beyond the posthumous releases and those that use his samples in their own tracks, his music has inspired one fan to attempt an incredibly daunting task by constructing a video for the entirety of the Donuts album. Even more incredible? The video is entertaining and an excellent tribute to the eclectic and gifted musician.


YouTube user Houston Loves J Dilla has released a 44-minute long video that covers every track of the album. Sometimes he visually represents the samples Jay Dee used by pulling the clips from performances/music videos, while other times he just uses some entertaining bit of found footage that is thematically linked to the song. It’s an impressive piece of editing that shows a true dedication to bringing the music of J Dilla to more people. For those who can’t sit through the entirety of the album video, Houston Loves J Dilla has also released a video for each of the 32 tracks of the video that can be watched as standalone pieces.

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