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This 4-hour Alex Jones deposition video is a near-lethal dose of awkward schadenfreude

Photo: Tom Williams (Getty Images)

If there’s a “best” flavor of frequently de-platformed conspiracy vomiter Alex Jones—and we’ll admit, that’s a tricky initial premise to embrace—it’s got to be “Alex Jones under oath.” After all, the InfoWars host makes his living largely by bloviating off the cuff, subjecting viewers to a stream-of-what-we’ll-call-for-the-sake-of-argument-consciousness monologue about whatever his topic of choice for a given day may be. When under the scrutiny of the courts, though, Jones has to carefully consider his words, and the obvious stress of that process can be a terrible, beautiful thing to behold.

All of which is to say that we cannot, in good conscience, recommend you watch all four hours of the above pair of videos, a taped deposition of Jones that was recorded earlier this month in relation to one of the many lawsuits currently being lodged against him by the parents of kids killed during the Sandy Hook school shootings. For one thing, there’s a lot of legal bickering between the plaintiff’s lawyers and Jones’, and also, this much pure, un-cut schadenfreude would probably kill you.


Still, there are moments of transcendent unpleasantness on display here that will be extremely compelling to a certain class of self-loathing car-crash watchers, as Jones slurps soda out of a wine glass, brings up Jussie Smollett—unprompted—something like eight times, and just generally acts like the cornered, dumb animal that he is. At the very least, it’s worth skimming through just to find your next great reaction GIF the next time someone absolutely blows your mind by asking you, say, what time it is, or forces you to defend the shit you said to thousands of people in the distant, memory-obscuring past of 2015.

[via The Huffington Post]

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