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This 24-hour Pokémon Go channel is weirdly hypnotic

(Screenshot: Pokémon)

For those who’ve decided to go whole hog on the game, Pokémon Go can be fairly time-consuming. After all, those Dratini aren’t going to catch themselves. But for those who need even more Pokémon in their lives, Cornflix TV has launched a 24-hour Pokémon Go-themed channel. It’s a curated, non-stop collection of YouTube videos related to Pokémon Go. And while the game is obviously the through-line here, there’s a wide range of video styles that air on the channel, from tutorials to vlogs to comedy skits. For instance, just in the time it took to write this article, the channel aired a tutorial on throwing more accurate Pokeballs, a vlog exploring a San Francisco-specific preview of a soon-to-be released tracking update, and another vlog in which two men hunt Pokémon at 6 a.m. in Singapore.

You can find all of these videos individually on YouTube, but the appeal of the channel is that you can passively watch a whole bunch of Pokémon-related content without having to put in any effort. It’s the equivalent of spending an afternoon watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon on USA. But with fewer brutal murders and more Magikarps.


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