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This 1996 Suzuki Vitara has seen some shit

When it’s time to sell your 20+-year-old vehicle, you could post an online listing with the heading “L@@K….STYLISH 1996 SUZUKI VITARA 4x4 1.6L 150K (FAMILY OF TOADS LIVING IN TRUNK)(SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY).” You could place an ad in the classifieds of your favorite dying local newspaper. Or you could do it right, like Eugene Romanovsky did:

An Android Media Center, you say? Maybe this vehicle really is something special.


Romanovsky, who appears to be a special effects supervisor and Battlebots fan living in Israel, is not the first film professional to sell the hell out of a used car on Youtube. A redditor points out that “#BuyMyVitara” is in the tradition of Luke Aker’s sumptuous 2013 ad for his 1996 Nissan Maxima:

Alternatively, you could forgo the affectionate sendoff to a “best friend for 10 years” or a “tour de force of true motoring” and advertise it with a Facebook post so brutal that it might as well include a picture of you setting the car on fire, as someone did back in February:


Note that unlike Aker’s Maxima, this car supposedly always gets you from point A to B. Forget about C, though.


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