Let's say '90s alterna-pop band Third Eye Blind wrote a song about Occupy Wall Street. An unlikely scenario, yes, but if it happened, what would it sound like? We're just spit-ballin' here, but we'd guess it would sound like "Semi-Charmed Life" with several references to "the youth" shoehorned in. And you know what? We'd almost be right, because Third Eye Blind did write an OWS song, it's called "If There Ever Was A Time," and it does sound like "Semi-Charmed Life." But (this is what we got wrong) it also includes a musical reference to Public Enemy's "Fight The Power" in the closing moments. In a press release, TEB's Stephan Jenkins said his intention is to "flood this movement with music." After the blow struck to OWS by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, "If There Ever Was A Time" will either kick it back into motion or make all forms of protest obsolete.

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