Deep in the secret caverns hidden beneath a building across the street from the Vatican, symbology professor Robert Langdon discovers another shocking conspiracy. Carved into the wall—as if by something ancient and biblical or just some bored kid—is a series of numbers, placed in a very specific order.

“It seems to be a date of some sort.” Langdon theorizes, running a hand through his weird, fake-looking hair. “But what could it mean?”


Suddenly, the truth dawns on him. He’s seen these numbers before, and they’re not just for any date. They’re for the most important date in the world.

“December 18, 2015.” Langdon mumbles to himself, making a serious Tom Hanks-esque face. “It’s the day my new movie, Inferno, comes out, but that’s not all. Star Wars: Episode VII comes out that day, too. My God, I’ll be killed!”

Feeling the gravity of his situation, Langdon bolts out of the secret caverns hidden beneath a building across the street from the Vatican and immediately runs into director Ron Howard.


“Hey there, symbology professor Robert Langdon, what’s the matter?” Howard asks, adjusting the official How The Grinch Stole Christmas baseball hat that he always wears.

“It’s the release date, Ron. We’re going up against Star Wars!” Langdon shouts in a panic. “I need to get to my books about symbols or whatever and figure out how to stop this from happening.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll just push the release date of Inferno, based on the book by Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, back to October 14, 2016.” Ron says as he pats Langdon on the back. “That’s what this report from says we’ll do, at least.”


Reasonably confident that he has once again saved the world from a symbol-based threat, Langdon nods and walks off into the sunset, ready for whatever thrilling adventures will come next. After all, there’s an endless supply of secret caverns hidden beneath historically significant buildings, and they’re not going to discover themselves. Also, Inferno has been delayed from December 18, 2015 to October 14, 2016, just in case that wasn’t clear.